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Android TV Boxes

We design, develop, produce and market very solid high quality Android TV Boxes bringing Smart entertainment directly to your screen. VENZ Android TV Boxes are known for its perfect balance of hard- and software stability combined with affordable prices combined with the best quality components and 3 years user warranty.

Multi-room Audio

Since 2016 we are supplying Multi-room Audio speakers and streamers combined with our own APLAY multi-room WiFi platform in Europe. In 2018 our new models will combine both WiFi & Bluetooth technology to ensure the best of both worlds; your own WiFi multi-room set up at home and Bluetooth connectivity for outdoor, travel, training or other use.

Smart Accessories

To use connected devices even easier at home or at the office we bring Smart Accessories to you, smart remote controls, keyboard, gyro mouse functionality and more. VENZ smart accessories can be easily combined with multiple devices as TV, Media Players, Set top boxes, PC, Laptop and even game consoles.

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