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V10 PRO firmware only! If you flash this firmware on any other VENZ model not being a V10 PRO you will break your device and warranty will be void by us! If you are not sure if your product is a V10 PRO from VENZ please contact us first to be sure before trying to change anything on the device!

V10 PRO manual upgrade guide Android 6.0.1 to Android 7.1.2

Required tools:
-PC or Laptop preferable with Windows 7 or lower.
-1x MicroSD card 2/4/8/16GB size
-MicroSD cardreader on your PC or use an external USB MicroSD cardreader

Please follow the next steps in order to flash Android 7.1.2 on your V10 PRO unit;

Step 1.  
At first you need to download the firmware files, please download on your PC from this link
Open the zip file and save the 3 files inside on your PC: aml_sdc_burn.ini / aml_upgrade_package.img /

Step 2.
Copy the file to the desktop area of your PC.

Step 3.
Take your MicroSD card and insert it in your PC cardreader, go to the my computer area of your PC and right mouse click on the MicroSD card storage – select format in order to format your MicroSD card to FAT32

Step 4.
Please download the following program on your PC, SDMaker.exe from this link Save SDMaker.exe on your PC desktop area

Step 5.
Let’s now prepare your MicroSD card with all firmware files,
Open SDMaker.exe by double clicking the icon from your desktop area.

Click on the white box to select your MicroSD card;

Click on the grey ?? button to select the file from your desktop area and click open

Now you click on the lowest grey ????? button to write the u-boot way to your MicroSD card, when you see below pop up please click OK and the writing is succeeded.

As final MicroSD card preparation please copy the other 2 firmware files to your MicroSD card directory, the files called aml_sdc_burn.ini and aml_upgrade_package.img the copying will take several minutes since the aml_upgrade_package file is over 1.5GB of size. Once done copying please take out the MicroSD card from your PC cardreader.

Step 6.

Now we will flash the firmware to the V10 PRO unit as following;

Take your V10 PRO unit and insert the MicroSD card in the MicroSD slot as shown below;

Insert the HDMI cable which is connected to your TV/Monitor;

Take your paperclip or similar thin tool and insert this in the reset hole, you will feel a small button, press it gently and keep it pressed with your finger as shown below;

Now with your other hand insert the power adapter to the V10 PRO power input port, keep holding the reset button;

On your TV/Monitor screen within a few seconds the update will start with this screen;

Once this 100% screen is showing the update was successful;

please take out the power cord of the V10 PRO, take out the MicroSD card and insert the power cord to start up the V10 PRO, it is Android 7.1.2 now *please wait a few minutes for your V10 PRO to load back all applications*
you can check now in the software the Android version upgrade by going in the software to: Settings screen – Device info – Device info – you will see the Android version there;