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Our new VENZ A1 is a compact size device (14x13x4cm) which brings a digital wireless world to your existing audio device. Any audio device with a AUX IN or with RCA IN ports (white/red) will work with the A1, this can be a hifiset, speakerset, radioset or receiver with such input port for audio. You power up the A1 with the supplied power adapter and insert a 3.5mm jack to 3.5mm jack cable (not included) or a 3.5mm jack to RCA cable (included) on the backside jack port and connect the other side to your existing audio device. To play songs from USB you can insert a USB storage (up to 64GB) in the USB port on the backside of the A1.

Controlled by free VENZ APLAY app!

After connecting your hardware it’s time to connect a digital world to your existing audio equipment. Take your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and connect it on your WiFi network and after you shall install the free VENZ APLAY app from either the Playstore or Appstore. Follow the steps in the multi language VENZ APLAY app to connect the A1 device to the same WiFi network as your controlling smartphone or tablet. The VENZ APLAY app will open the control menu where you will be able to set up your own multiroom use for multiple VENZ A-series audio devices in the same network and controlled by multi- or solo multiroom mode. You will find the My Music section where you will see all music stored on your controlling smartphone, tablet or the music that is stored on the USB storage inserted in the A1 but that’s not all! VENZ A1 supports DLNA so any DLNA supported network station in your network will be displayed in the My Music section and music can be chosen from the app and played by one touch on the audio device that’s connected to the A1.

Online streaming services!

Next to your own local- and network music VENZ APLAY gives you access to online streaming services through the VENZ APLAY app, Tunein, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora and Napster are preset and will definitely be expended in the near future with more online streaming services for audio!

Airplay support!

If you like to use Airplay with your controlling smartphone or tablet you can continue using it also in combination with the VENZ A1. Our VENZ A-series multiroom audio devices all support Airplay for audio streaming!

about venz play

APLAY is our multiroom WiFi platform with which you can control the WiFi A-series VENZ devices with. Multiroom audio by VENZ is set up on your 2.4GHz WiFi connection, users own 2.4 GHz WiFi network that they use on their smartphone or tablet at home, at the office or other accomodation is the WiFi network that VENZ APLAY uses to connect the APLAY devices with and stream music. The WiFi connectivity platform is not the only generic spec that enables connection among the devices, all the VENZ APLAY devices use the ARM Cortek m3 chipset. If you have any other WiFi audio device using this same Qplay/Linkplay chip it will be also connectable in the same VENZ APLAY network.


iOS iTunes
Since the VENZ APLAY devices support Airplay you can simply stream iTunes on your iOS device and will find the VENZ APLAY devices under the Airplay function as "available playable device".

Android devices - Google Music, Google Drive and more....
The VENZ APLAY devices support DLNA and this is not only an advantage to play music from your DLNA connected drives but also make it available to play content from Google Music, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive or Amazon Cloud to stream to APLAY devices by using the free BubbleUPnP application on Android devices. Inside the BubbleUPnP app people can see their content from those platforms and will see their VENZ APLAY devices as playable devices, simple and a great addition to have for the music streaming to your VENZ APLAY devices.