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This powerful A501 multiroom WiFi speaker by VENZ makes a great presence in any home, with its Phantom Grey Metallic colour and strong build combined with a slick design. People enjoy high quality crystal clear sound with distinct mids and highs from the four precision acoustic drivers delivering excellent stereo sound and enhanced bass! The high quality internal 2x 25watt RMS speaker system combined with 2 tweeters ensures a fantastic strong sound. You may put the A501 at any place connect the power adapter and connect the VENZ APLAY app and you are ready to stream your favourite music from popular online services, play local music from your smartphone or tablet or play music from an attached USB storage to the A501. The A501 is also equipped with a LAN port connection which makes it possible to connect it in your network and to create a WiFi hotspot with it.


  • Loud volume and strong bass.
  • Distortion-free at maximum volume
  • Room filling sound, perfect for your livingroom, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom etc.
  • Multiroom in Multi- and Solo mode set up
  • Controlled by the user-friendly and free VENZ APLAY app
  • Full support for Airplay, DLNA, Spotify, Tunein, iHeartradio, Pandora and
  • Napster
  • Play music from your USB storage connected directly in the A501 USB port
  • Manual button control on top of the A501
  • LAN port

Pay less, get more!
It is really true, the VENZ A501 since its introduction has already conquered the hearts of many trusted VENZ consumers around Europe. There is one “red-line” among all feedback which excites us to the max, “when buying a A501 at its price getting all the functionality and great sound, a great solid high quality build system people feel they made the absolute right choice of not overpaying for one of the “famous” TV commercial brands everyone is talking about but they are extremely happy that they made the choice buying a VENZ A501 which gives them more than the price explains!”


Weight: 2.5Kg
Dimension (L*W*H): 350*150*182mm
Colour: Phantom Grey Metallic
Finish: UV coating
Chipset: AP8048C ARM Cortek m3 + MT7628
Amplifier: TAS5713 by Texas Instruments
Drivers: 3"x2, 1"x2
Power: 2* 25W RMS
Audio playback: I2S 44.1K, 16bit
Audio Record: I2S 44.1K, 16bit
Support audio codec: MP3, AAC, ALAC, APE, FLAC, WAV, WMA
Support Streaming Protocol: Http, RTSP/RTP, MMS, WMA
APP Support: Free VENZ APLAY app in iOS appstore & Android Playstore
Input: AC-DC power port / USB 2.0 port / RJ45 LAN port 100Mbs / 3.5” Jack Line in port
Retail package content:A501 unit, Power adapter, 3.5mm jack cable, multi-language manual


APLAY is our multiroom WiFi platform with which you can control the WiFi A-series VENZ devices with. Multiroom audio by VENZ is set up on your 2.4GHz WiFi connection, users own 2.4 GHz WiFi network that they use on their smartphone or tablet at home, at the office or other accomodation is the WiFi network that VENZ APLAY uses to connect the APLAY devices with and stream music. The WiFi connectivity platform is not the only generic spec that enables connection among the devices, all the VENZ APLAY devices use the ARM Cortek m3 chipset. If you have any other WiFi audio device using this same Qplay/Linkplay chip it will be also connectable in the same VENZ APLAY network.


iOS iTunes
Since the VENZ APLAY devices support Airplay you can simply stream iTunes on your iOS device and will find the VENZ APLAY devices under the Airplay function as "available playable device".

Android devices - Google Music, Google Drive and more....
The VENZ APLAY devices support DLNA and this is not only an advantage to play music from your DLNA connected drives but also make it available to play content from Google Music, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive or Amazon Cloud to stream to APLAY devices by using the free BubbleUPnP application on Android devices. Inside the BubbleUPnP app people can see their content from those platforms and will see their VENZ APLAY devices as playable devices, simple and a great addition to have for the music streaming to your VENZ APLAY devices.