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APLAY is our multiroom WiFi platform with which you can control the WiFi A-series VENZ devices with. Multiroom audio by VENZ is set up on your 2.4GHz WiFi connection, users own 2.4 GHz WiFi network that they use on their smartphone or tablet at home, at the office or other accomodation is the WiFi network that VENZ APLAY uses to connect the APLAY devices with and stream music. The WiFi connectivity platform is not the only generic spec that enables connection among the devices, all the VENZ APLAY devices use the ARM Cortek m3 chipset in combination with the Qplay/Linkplay protocol chip. If you have any other WiFi audio device using this same chipset type it will be also connectable in the same VENZ APLAY network.

How do you use VENZ APLAY?
Once you have bought your VENZ APLAY device the first thing you shall do is install on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet the free VENZ APLAY app from the Google Playstore or iOS Appstore. Then you power up your VENZ APLAY device and also open up the VENZ APLAY app on your controlling smartphone or tablet, you will follow the steps from the app to ensure connection is being made. This proces is a one time set up and will take you maximum 5 minutes. A clear multi language manual is attached to each VENZ APLAY device to guide you as well.

Why multiroom audio by VENZ APLAY works on WiFi?
WiFi creates an epic experience for a multiroom audio set up. Each home, office or other accomodation nowadays has its own WiFi network so its easy to use this and WiFi has a lot of advantages; WiFi is a stable connection, WiFi allows you to connect and control the network by multiple controlling devices - if you open the VENZ APLAY app in your setting by multiple smartphones or tablets you all can control the VENZ APLAY set up, multi-control. 

Bluetooth as additional connection 
A additional Bluetooth connection we supply on our new 2018 models due to the fact that those devices can be carried out of your own WiFi network and connect by Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet to play local music to the VENZ APLAY device wherever you take it. But for multiroom use Bluetooth is not preferred since it doesn’t allow multi-connections or multi-control and is not as stable as a WiFi connection. 

Random overview of the VENZ APLAY application screenshots

My Music
Under the My Music section in the VENZ APLAY application you will find all music that is stored on your local device that you are holding or the music that is stored on your network drives that is attached in the same network and visible in this section.

My Music - USB
When your APLAY device has an USB port to add external USB storage with music stored on it you will find the USB storage under this section as well and will see all music MP3's and FLAC's that are stored on there and can stream them directly to your APLAY device from this listing.

Line In
Our VENZ APLAY devices contain a AUX IN connection with which you can connect the VENZ APLAY devices to other devices and stream audio from the other devices over a jack 3.5mm audio cable to the AUX IN (Line In) modus of your VENZ APLAY devices.

Multiroom function
When you set up your VENZ APLAY device(s) you will be asked to name your device, this can be one of the 23 preset names from the list or you can enter a custom name in the list to name your device and make sure you'll know where to play your music to. We have connected 23 devices in one network by using all names and we were still able to add more APLAY devices :)

Multiroom in multi- or solo modus
Once your devices are added in the VENZ APLAY network you can modify your set up and choose how each device is connected to eachother (multi modus; play same music to all) or independent from eachother (play music to each device seperately)

Sound positioning
Also in this same section of the VENZ APLAY application called "DEVICE LIST" you can control the different positions of sound made by your VENZ APLAY devices, LR (stereo) - L (Left) - R (Right).