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VENZ offers full customer support for all users of our products in Europe.
You may contact us at all times by sending us an e-mail at: or contact us over our Facebook page


Android TV Boxes

Q: Where can I download a complete user manual for the VENZ V10, V10 PRO and V12 ULTRA models?
A: You can download a PDF manual from this link

Q: Where can I find VENZ original Android firmware?
A: Please contact us and inform us which firmware for which model you are looking for so we can provide you with the correct instructions: contact page

Q: Where can I find LibreELEC firmware for my VENZ TV Box?
A: Please check our official LibreELEC firmware support page here, if your model is not described please contact us for further information: contact page

Q: I am looking for unrooted Android firmware for my VENZ TV Box, where can I find this?
A: Please find our unrooted firmware support page here

Q: The playback of my media content is not smooth, what do I need to do?
A: First please check your network connection, you can check the internet speed coming into your VENZ device by downloading the Speedtest application from the playstore and run a speedtest of your network. If your network speed is over 20mb/s please contact us for further information: contact page
If your internet speed is lower then 20mb/s please improve your network speed, if your speed is low by WiFi but higher by LAN network cable please connect your VENZ device by a LAN network cable in your network to improve the internet speed.

APLAY multi-room audio devices

Q: My VENZ APLAY device does not connect to WIFI?
A: Please check the following troubleshooting;
-The mobile device is connected to a 5G WiFi router, the APLAY device will only work with an 2.4GHz router.
-The WiFi router which connected to your mobile has a open enterprise WPA, please change your router.
-The WiFi router forbids IGMP function, it needs opening of the IGMP function to add the APLAY device.
-Network environment is poor, move your APLAY device to a stronger signal position.

Q: During playback of audio over WiFi mode is not smooth, what do I need to do?
A: Please check the following troubleshooting;
-. The audio source file is not good, choose another audio source.
-Your network environment is poor, move the APLAY device to a stronger signal position.
-Your network went offline, check your network connection.